Leximancer training is provided by the Institute for Social Science Research (ISSR) at the University of Queensland.  Introductory and Advanced training courses are offered.  Additionally, tailored and online training sessions can also be arranged specifically to suit particular needs.

Please visit for more information.


Tutorial Presentations

Introduction to Leximancer   View

This training presentation gives an overview of how Leximancer works. It covers the concept extraction process graphically.


First Leximancer Analysis     View

This training presentation shows you how to run a basic Leximancer project. It describes how to load data, run your first analysis with the default project settings , and interpret the basic results. It is highly recommended that new users and users new to Version 4.x view this presentation.


Content Analysis     View

For those who want to learn or refresh their knowledge of content analysis, this presentation is a good place to start. There are many resources available on content analysis (e.g., Basic Content Analysis, Weber, 1990), and this training presentation strives to cover essential points in  a short  overview.



Current Issues

Leximancer Upgrade Notes for users of Mac OS X Lion / Mt Lion

To ensure compatibility, Leximancer Desktop users upgrading to Mac OS X Lion / Mt. Lion should read the upgrade notes:Read

Leximancer compatible with Java 7  from update  9

Previous Java 7 releases have issues that can lead to Leximancer crashes and data corruption.

Important notice for Internet Explorer 9 Users

Some users have experienced difficulties using Leximancer Desktop and the Leximancer Portal after their systems were upgraded to use IE9. If you are having trouble opening projects or folders in IE9:

  • Select the 'Tools' menu in your browser and then 'Compatibility View Settings'. (Note: You may need to press the 'Alt' key to make the 'Tools' menu appear at the top of the browser window.)
  • A 'Compatibility View Settings' dialogue box will open.
  • Click 'Add' to add the Leximancer site to the compatibility view list.
    • For Leximancer Desktop, the website will be localhost
    • For Leximancer Portal, the website will be
  • You should be able to use Leximancer after closing the dialogue box.

You may also use an alternative browser with Leximancer: Firefox, Chrome, or Safari.